Eastern New York Region DAT Summit
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May 18, 2019

Albany Office, 33 Everett Road, Albany New York

For the first time, the Eastern New York Region is holding a Disaster Action Team (“DAT”) Summit to discuss and celebrate all things DAT.  Among other things, the Summit will have sessions and discussions on such topics as:

  • What is the integrated Care Condolence Team and what role do DATs play on and with those teams?
  • What is a day in the life of a DAT Duty Office like?
  • What is RC View DAT Dispatch and how do we use it?
  • How do DATs get supplies they need?
  • What is going well, what needs improvement and how do we improve services provided to clients?
  • How can DATs obtain assistance from the Disaster Mental Health and Disaster Health Services teams for clients and themselves?
  • What is the role of DAT Coordinators and what assistance do they need?
The Summit will be held in the Albany office on Saturday May 18, with lunch provided. What about coffee and bagels?  For people who have a long trip, we will open a staff shelter at the office on Friday and Saturday nights.  See the General Information Tab for more information on the shelter.   We will help arrange car pools from each chapter and office.  See the General Information tab for more information.